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Preventative Maintenance Program

Preventative Maintenance Program

We all take pride in maintaining our homes and gardens. We know how much time and money it takes to do that properly. Tenants, no matter how good they are, do not have the same desire and inclination to take care of the properties they live in. Some do, but they are the exception and not the rule.

Without the proper system in place to maintain the property, the rent will be reduced over time because tenants pay premium for well maintained and updated homes. An owner may save couple of hundred of dollars over the length of the lease but when the tenant moves out the repair bill will be high. For example, small repairs like caulking, can turn into costly drywall or cabinet repairs if not done timely.

With that in mind we designed a preventative maintenance program. We looked at our repair requests files and examined which repairs can be reduced by better maintenance and what can we do to preserve the property in the best possible shape. We came up with the following items that need attention and care every six months.

  • Inspect exterior stucco for cracks, seal small cracks
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Check for moisture around windows
  • Visually inspect roof for missing shingles
  • Visually inspect trees
  • Deliver and date six AC filters 
  • Clean AC condensation line
  • Clean dryer vent from inside. 
  • Drain water heater (one time)
  • Check caulking, caulk small areas 3 linear ft
  • Refresh mulch (mulch extra)
  • Inspect fascia and other exterior wood for rot.
  • Pressure wash driveway, house (one time)
  • Garage door - Lubricate the door’s rollers and test the automatic reverse .

You have an opportunity to sign up for the Maintenance Prevention program when you sign your agreement or you can contact us to sign at anytime. The cost is $250 every six months. 
This program will eliminate bigger maintenance issues but also it will prevents many AC repair calls because we clean the condensation lines and date and change the filters. Also, the life of the AC and the water heater is extended by regularly replacing filters and draining the water heater.