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Clogged Toilet or Sink

One of the most common repairs we get calls about has a very simple solution. When you moved in you were given two plungers - one for the toilet, the other for the sink. The reason for that is that a clogged toilet or a sink can be fixed in couple of minutes with this very simple tool saving you lots of time coordinating and waiting for the plumber and money if it turns out that a dropped object is the reason for the clog. If more than one toilet or sink is clogged the plunger will not resolve the issue so please continue with the repair request. Here is a video on how to use the correct plunger to unclog a toilet or a sink.

Jammed Garbage Disposal

Please watch this video before calling about jammed garbage disposal. We will send a vendor to repair it but it will be a charge for you if there is an object in the disposal. If the garbage disposal is leaking submit the maintenance request immediately.
The self service tool that comes with the garbage disposal is part of your tool kit that you were given when you moved it.
Here is how to use it and save money and time.

Fridge - Leak from Water Filter and Changing Your Water Filter

Remove the water filter and inspect it and the water filter housing for damage. If the water filter is damaged, replace the water filter. Use only the same brand water filters. If the water filter housing is damaged, or the leak continues even with the filter removed, the refrigerator will require service. Submit maintenance request for appliance repair. Meanwhile, to stop the water from leaking and ruining the floor you need to pull the fridge forward and turn off the shutoff valve. This valve could be also located under the kitchen sink. Video on how to turn off the water

Here is a video on how to change the filter. Make sure you read the instructions before installing.

AC Stopped Working

After checking that the AC breaker and making sure it's on, change your filter and
Clean the condensation line. Please use white vinegar and not bleach. If this does not solve the AC problem you can submit a repair request.

Garage Door will Not Close

Garage door will not close or starts to close and then opens. Most of the time there is a very easy fix: align the safety eyes.


If you have an infestation of any pests except sugar ants or ants that are in your lawns please submit a maintenance request. If upon inspection we find that the home is not kept in sanitary condition you will be charged for the pests extermination.

Sugar Ants - sugar ants are those very tiny ants that you find in your kitchen and bath especially after very heavy rain. If the ants have nothing to eat they will go away. Wash everything in the kitchen and do not leave any food outside. If you get an sugar ants, remove all food and any dirty dishes, clean and spray with Fabreeze. If you do this twice the ants will disappear.

Fire Ants - If the landlord is paying for lawn pest control the service should be taking care of the ants. Please talk to the service that is treating your lawn. If the problem is not solved contact us but do not submit a maintenance request. If you are responsible for lawn treatment and lawn pest control - talk to your service or read this article