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Services and Prices
Services Best Deal Competition
Management Fees$59 (Condo or Townhome); $79 per month 
for Single Family Home
8%- 10% of one month rent
 Leasing Fee - Only New Tenants$499 50% of one month rent
 Initial Set Up  Included $150 and up
 Lease Renewal  Included  $180 and up
 Begining of Lease Inspection IncludedSometimes Included
 End of Lease Inspection  IncludedSometimes Included
Six Months InspectionsIncluded None or $89 and up
 Professional Photography and Video Included None or Included
 Social Media Marketing Included None
 Routine Repairs  Included 10%-15% Mark Up
 Tenant Screening and Lease Preparion  Included Included
 Online Rent Collection  Included None or Included
 Annual Business Health Report Included None or Included
Home Warranty Repairs $40 per occurence No Home Warranties Allowed
 Insurance Claims Coordination $100 per occurance $100
 Eviction ProtectionIncluded None
 Rental Income Protection (Optional) $19  None
 Damage Protection Assurance (Optional) $19 None
 Preventative Maintenance Every Six Months $250 per visitNone
 Remodeling Repair Oversight cost - this includes all non routine repairs 10% of repair cost
Eviction Protection
Rental Income Protection
Damage Protection