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A message from Best Deal founder and president, Stan Stoykov

Thank you for your interest in our services. Many owners come to us from other property management companies after discovering that what was promised was not what was delivered. Property Management is a tough business, easy to start but difficult to manage without bleeding cash, just like managing a rental.

I am sure you have done your research already and you know your available options. I just want to share our story: how we started, our challenges along the way and where we are now.

We started Best Deal Realty in 2005 as a real estate brokerage. We did very well until the market crashed in 2008. In 2009, we saw a need for property management and added that to our brokerage services. We added properties one by one and by year two we had 50 properties. We loved the business and everything was going great. Our clients loved the low management fees and we enjoyed the steady income and the rate of growth.

One thing we didn't consider is that managing 50 properties is completely different from managing 100 and 200. Once we passed 80 properties the fun was gone, we were overworked, underpaid and ready to throw in the towel. We had two choices: increase the prices for our clients or go out of business. 

We talked to our clients, many of them barely making the mortgage even with our low fee, and decided that we don't want to be like any other property management company.

We decided that there is a third option: create systems for every single process and automate everything that does not require human interaction. We hired a developer and created a software that allows us to manage hundreds of properties with minimum of human errors and this in turn allowed us to save the homeowners thousands of dollars on property management and repairs.

One example for process automation is HOA notices. The owners usually receive notices from the HOA and contact us to fix whatever needs to be done by email. This interaction alone required at least 6 emails and a visit, a couple of hours of pay for one violation. No wonder the other companies were charging 10 percent, they had to in order to survive. We examined the whole process, eliminated the unnecessary steps and automated everything else. Now the owners can log into their portal and submit the notice, after it's resolved they receive an email and the HOA is notified at the same time.

Another example is maintenance. Automating the notifications and approval process from the owner allowed us to not only improve the service to our tenants but also to keep the owner informed of what's going on with the property in real time.

Because we were able to automate the process there are no mistakes, no missed calls, no surprises about repair bills. The owners receive an email directly from the vendor with photo and estimate of the repair needed. If the repair is above the approved limit, the owner can approve or deny the repair.

These are just some examples of everything we have done to make our process as efficient as possible.

We will continue to improve our service and cost and pass the savings to you. We know how hard you work and we would like to be your partner in managing your investment.

Contact us to see if we are the right fit for you.

Best wishes,

Stan Stoykov