“If you ask for less than 10% management fee you will go out of business”
“It’s all very easy when you only have a handful of properties but after that, you have to charge 10-13% property management fee, one-month leasing fee and markup on repairs.”

These are just some of the comments we’ve heard from other property managers throughout the years. There were times when we thought that they were right but we didn’t quit, we kept refining the systems and procedures to create the most efficient and low-cost property management company in the U.S. That was our goal.

We discuss every single process and we always ask three questions:

  1. Is this necessary or is it a tradition?
  2. Can we automate it?
  3.  Does it provide better service?

Because of these three questions, we do business differently. Property Management is a service and as such it’s time intensive but by creating systems and rethinking everything we do we managed to lower the cost dramatically and offer some free services like advertising and tenant screening.

The traditional property manager takes over the property and very often there is not much transparency of what’s going on. We eliminated that, our owners have an online access at any time and they can see the maintenance requests, how long it took to address them when the tenant paid and everything else that happened with their property.

Here are some the services we offer:

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