Apr 04 2017

Rent Your Home Lightning Fast with Great Photos

Potential tenants judge a property based on visuals way before they ever step inside your door. For high-quality tenants, you’ll need to invest in nice, professional property photos. No, cell phone pictures are not professional enough. In fact, any picture you take yourself (unless you’re a professional photographer) will not be good enough.

Photographers use professional-grade equipment and special lenses to deliver a more polished result. They know how to use the light, how to apply filters, how to use composition, exposure and depth, and countless other photography trade secrets. Some photographers now create a video walk-throughs or aerial shots. Will that make your listing stand out? You bet!

Tip: Invest in professional photos to help your listing appeal to prospective tenants.

Investing in a photographer is relatively inexpensive. Professional photos will cost somewhere between $200 and $250, but you can use them over and over again, each time you look for new tenants.

If you do decide to ignore my advice and take your own photos, at least invest in a wide lens for your camera. It makes all properties look bigger and better.

Below are two photos taken at the same time from the same angle. For the lower photo we used wide lens.  The wide lens photo looks like a different house

Of course, you can use our leasing services and get professional photography done free.

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